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# Despite ATM being blocked, lakhs blew from the account, the finance company under investigation

Sep 05, 2021

Karam Yadav / Agar Malwa: A case of cheating of lakhs of rupees has come to light from the account of youth in Sumner of Agar Malwa district of Madhya Pradesh. According to the victim youth, he had blocked his ATM after it was lost, despite this, lakhs of rupees were withdrawn from his account. Not only this, his account was transferred to the bank of Delhi. Cash was withdrawn from the account separately from the same day. The youth, who was a victim of fraud, has given a complaint in Sumner police station.

This fraud has happened with Sanjay Lohar, a resident of Sumner in Agar Malwa district. In the complaint given to the police, he told that about Rs 136000 was withdrawn from his account even after blocking the ATM. The complainant told that he had taken a loan of Rs 2 lakh through a private finance company. A loan of 1 lakh 88 thousand was passed from the company's side. After the loan amount came into the account, the complainant's bank account and PhonePe app were closed. The money disappeared from his account. When the complainant got the information out of the bank, it came to know that his account has been transferred to New Delhi. The missing amount was found from this loan. Earlier on August 25, when his ATM was lost, he went to the bank and got the ATM blocked, whose message also came on his mobile. Withdraw money from ATM on 31st August. Along with this, about 67 thousand rupees were also transferred to an account of the same branch in Delhi. When suddenly he reached the bank after closing his account and phone pe application, he came to know about the fraud. How his account was transferred to Delhi, raises questions on the functioning of the bank.